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Cleanliness Means Efficiency and Safety

As with most other mechanical devices, it’s imperative to keep your firearm maintained and clean. Just think what would happen if you never or infrequently maintained your car or truck. Not paying much attention to the efficiency of your brakes, tires, windshield wipers and air filters, as well as not checking the lubricants. It wouldn’t take long for your vehicle to malfunction, not function, and become even dangerous. Havoc Tactical Solutions is your go-to vendor for products that keep your firearms clean and oiled.

Keeping your revolvers, pistols and rifles in tip-top shape is crucial for reliable precision. After firing it multiple times, layers of powder deposit and other grunge accumulate in the chamber and barrel, and on every moving part. The griminess will eventually have negative effects on it, making its performance inconsistent and erratic. The built-up gunk must be removed because it decreases the space in the barrel, thus not guaranteeing that your bullets reach their intended targets.

Firearms that are put away without first having been properly cleaned attract rust, especially in humid climates. Metal guns made of hardened steel attract airborne droplets of condensation, but if they are properly cleaned and lubricated, they’ll last a lot longer than their dirty brethren. Firearms that aren’t kept clean could even harm to the shooter if it ends up backfiring. Maintaining your weapon’s cleanliness helps you learn about its anatomy and its inner workings.

Havoc Tactical Solutions products help make your gun perform safely and efficiently. Lucas Oil Hunting Gun Oil works in any kind of weather and is terrific for overall lubrication on pump, over/under and side-by-side shotguns, revolvers, and bolt-and-lever-action rifles. Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Grease tackles all your lubrication and protection needs during the most-intense heat, friction and pressures of continual firing. It works well in rain, and in fresh and saltwater conditions. We carry other solvents and cleaners, as well as other effective firearm accessories.

Contact Havoc Tactical Solutions by filling in the email form on this page. Or call 325-513-0335. And follow us on Facebook! We look forward to hearing from you.

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