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Protects Paint/Coatings, Piles Brass Up Closer, Prevents Brass-Burns 
Developed for Standard AR Platform Upper Receivers
 Saves Brass for Many Calibers Including: 223, 224, 300, 6.5, 358, 458 SOCOM


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2 Pack $13.49

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New DB 4 Pack w JB for Web.jpg
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Best Bang for Your Buck

4 Pack Plus Jaw Bumper $29.99


Includes Shipping

The Deflector Brake absorbs the tremendous amount of energy normally contained in the ejected casing and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels by 60% on average. It also pushes the hot brass out in front of the firing line.  By softening this impact the rifle, spent casing, shooter, and shooters next to you receive a layer of protection not previously available. This is true whether you are shooting for fun at your local indoor or outdoor range or are conducting Close Quarter Battle (CQB) in combat. Just peel, stick and forget it is there. It will immediately go to work.

It is a disposable, peel, stick and press accessory for standard AR15 platform receivers; it reduces unpredictable ricochet of hot brass off barriers, walls, various vehicle interiors, friends, etc; virtually eliminates brass burns; protects expensive paint/coatings from inevitable wear; minimizes damage to brass casings which increases the reliability and efficiency of re-loading; it deflects spent brass forward and away from the shooter making a standard AR15 safer for left-handed shooters and during off-shoulder firing; it promotes confidence for the shooter and the instructor; it is near weightless.  

We recommend swapping out Deflector Brakes after 1500 rounds to maintain the desired affects. Results will vary as no 2 rifles or shooting conditions are the same. 

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