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Deflector Brake

US Patent # 9,791,227

Stealth Camo (Black and Gray) Deflector Brake Kit

  • The Deflector Brake eliminates brass burns by forcing spent brass to consistently drop 3-4 ft next to you instead of scattered all over. Great for left handed shooters or off shoulder firing because it pushes flying brass forward and away from your face.
  • Our Deflector Brake works absorbing the tremendous amount of energy normally contained in the ejected casing and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels by 60% on average.
  • AR-Charging Glass (ARCG) protects the paint/coating under your charging handle where rifles inadvertently take abuse to aesthetics. It is like pulling the charging handle over glass or ice.
  • Package includes: (4) Deflector Brakes, (1) small parts box and (2) AR Charging Glass Protectors.